About SIPS Panels

We offer our own Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) manufactured right here in the UK.


SIPS Panels are a pre-manufactured panel which is highly insulated and eliminates the need for any other insulation. The panels can be used for all aspects of a build, whether it be the roof, external or internal walls, even the flooring.


The strength of SIPS Panels is second to none, so they can be used as load-bearing walls. Because of the strength of the roof panels you’ll always gain vaulted rooms or second floors depending on the roof height.


We offer the complete package; from design right through to the erection of your home. We have over 20 years combined experience, and with this in mind our in-house design team which will supply 3D CAD model drawing, SAPs calculations and structural superstructure for your tailor made home. We can work closely with your architect to design your perfect home.

On site we can work closely with your site manager or yourself to make sure that we deliver
a high quality and competitively priced SIPS home.

  • SIPS Panels are considered a modern method of construction and deliver a sustainable building, achieving insulation values that cannot be achieved with a traditional build. Typically SIPS Panels will give U values as low as 0.13, and reduce cold bridging.
  • As SIPS Panels are prefabricated, a typical house can be erected in just two to three weeks, including the roof.
  • SIPS Panels can also be used for garden buildings, extensions, and much more – however you use SIPS Panels, they achieve a comfortable energy-efficient lower heating cost and high degree of comfort.
  • As the SIPS Panels are pre-insulated you can achieve thinner than normal wall sections, and on average 55% quicker than conventional building methods.

Technical Specifications & Information

SIPS Panels adopt the best industry practices and achieve all of the recommendations laid down by the UK SIP Association in the Technical Bulletins and Code of Practice.

We highly recommend that you download the full suite of Technical information that is provided by the UK SIP Association when deciding the details required for your project.

Technical support can be provided by SIPs Panels as required.


Our SIPS Panels have been independently tested and have shown that in comparison to conventional timber frame they can be up to 7 times stronger.

What are the main benefits of using SIPS Panels?

There are three main benefits of using structural insulated SIPS panels:

  1. There are higher levels of air tightness and insulation than other forms of construction, with thinner wall sections.
  2. Truss free roofs, increased roof space, room in roof construction and vaulted ceilings. This is all achieved using our easi-roof SIPS panels.
  3. Quicker builder times using SIPS panels.


Fire Safety

For interior walls and ceilings the standard finish is to use a dry lining that has one layer of plasterboard that is 12.55mm with fire-tape on the joints. This then achieves a Class 1 fire rating.

If two layers of plasterboard are applied, then the optimum Class 0 (zero) fire rating is achieved.

The panels have passed the meticulous fire endurance tests. The chimney effect that causes fires to spread rapidly through hollow conventional-built walls is eliminated by the solid-core panel construction. The super-bonding, insulating foam we use is non-toxic and chemically inert.

Life Expectancy

The SIPs Industries panels are deemed fit to last the life expectancy of the building.

Roof design

It is recommended that the roof design by a structural engineer. Panel fixings supplies with SIPS Panels are deemed to satisfy this. Areas where there is high loads, or winds or where light weight roof systems are installed, it is recommended to add some fixing straps at the appropriate intervals, connecting the underside of the roof panel to the vertical wall members.

What type of foundation should be used?

Any construction is acceptable to use, but the tolerance to level must be +/- 5mm which then ensures the most efficient erection of the SIPs panels.

Foundation to wall detail

Sole plates are attached to the slab by mechanical fixing at the specified centres. The sole plate is made of treated, soft wood and the thickness of the panel core will determine the width of the sole plate.

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