Colin Amor Case Study

Project Brief

The client wanted to create a modern version of a timber/stone clad barn that was as close to being a passive house as possible within budget.

The client purchased the plot with the foundation slab already laid so had to design the build around this footprint.

Project Type/Application

The client decided to design to passivhaus principles and using a SIPs construction helped him achieve the thermal and air tightness performance he required.

SIPs panels had the advantage of being a quicker building method, since the panels were all pre-cut to size off site and allowed windows, doors and roofing to go in as soon as the building was up, making the build wind and water tight at an early stage.

Outcome/Result/Success Factors

The client was aiming for an air tightness of 2 but thanks to the SIPs construction, taping (not carried out as standard) and well-fitting doors and windows, the air tightness became a 0.96 which is a great achievement for all parties as this was achieved without any internal finishes only the external walls.

The client had a wish list of things he wanted to incorporate into his build, he wanted to incorporate solar pv (photovoltaic) panels, rainwater harvesting, under floor heating (under tiles) throughout using an air sourced heating pump, large amounts of glazing and an open plan ground floor, and he achieved all this on a foundation that the client didn’t even design.

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