Johnsons, the cleaners, Pods

Johnsons Cleaners were keen to reduce their carbon footprint, with a target to reduce their use of gas, electricity and water by 10% each year until 2012. In addition to using the GreenEarth cleaning method and setting up hanger recycling stations to allow hangers to be returned and reused, the company wished to help clients reduce their own carbon footprint by providing premises in supermarket car parks.

It was important that the new facilities be as eco-friendly in both construction and daily running as possible. SIPS Industries worked alongside Modular 500 and Eco-Estates in order to provide the perfect solution.

SIPs Industries panels are manufactured from a core of EPS polystyrene, a by-product of the oil industry, and clad in OSB Sterling Board, sourced from FSC forests. They offer high levels of insulation and air-tightness. Because of these qualities it was decided that SIPS Industries panels were ideal for the new pods.

Described as a ‘pop-up’ branch, the pod offers all of the usual services of a normal branch but can be transported to a new site should there be a change in demand in the future; a more environmentally sound solution than building a permanent structure that might end up sitting empty and unused should demand decrease at some point in the future.

The running costs are minimal due to the high levels of insulation in SIPs Industries panels, and the airtight structure which can be achieved with off-site construction. This means that there will be very little heating required in order to maintain the new pods at a comfortable temperature for the staff.

The pods were transported to the site pre-assembled and fully fitted out, and were open for business the day after delivery. By choosing a modular method of construction, only one lorry was required to transport the pod from the factory to the site, reducing the impact of transport of both the materials and the site team. The reduced wear and tear on the site, as well as disruption to people using the supermarket during the installation process decreased potential Health and Safety risks.

The success of the pods is shown by the fact that in 2011 Johnson Cleaners was named by the Sunday Times as one of the UK’s Best Green Companies for the second successive year. Johnsons was placed at 42nd in the prestigious top 60 Best Green Companies list, an improvement on their 2010 position of 45th.

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