Tom Lane Case Study

Project Brief

Mr and Mrs Hope wanted to build their own house to achieve the highest sustainable credentials as possible as well as being a piece of modern architecture.

Mr and Mrs Hope are architects so had a specific design in mind and wanted to make the build as simple and minimalistic as possible, both externally and internally.

Project Type/Application

The clients decided to design to passivhaus principles and using a SIPs construction helped them achieve the thermal and air tightness performance they required, which is why a traditional form of construction wasn’t suitable.

SIPs panels had the advantage of being a quicker building method, since the panels were all pre-cut to size off site and also allowed the clients design flexibility.

Outcome/Result/Success Factors

The clients aim was to use the simple dual pitched rectangular house plan design, yet detail out all the traditional fussy details to make it as simple and minimalistic as possible.

The clients have achieved high thermal and air tightness performance with low running costs whilst producing a piece of modern architecture that responded to its context and time.

The property won Best Sustainable Domestic Project in the South Yorkshire & Humber Local Authority Building Control Awards 2013

The clients have achieved an original house which will grow with them over the years and accommodate the different stages of life. It’s starting out as a relaxing sanctuary for the couple evolving to a family home. It will also as a place for entertaining for years to come.

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